Empowering Students in Haiti.

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"I didn’t know someday I would have somebody, someone who would think of me, about my future, my school and my life."

- Manuacha, Sponsorship Program Graduate

What We Do

All About Partnership

We can't do this alone. That's why we partner with you to provide complete care for the kids in children's homes. We work with EBAC, IDADEE and New Vision Children's Home (NVCH) in the northern region of Haiti. 


Physical & Spiritual Care

Every child deserves a safe place to grow up. We provide a clean, secure, and safe environment where urgent physical needs are immediately met. This includes administering medical care, addressing malnutrition, and providing safe water.  We desire for all of our kids to know the love of Christ. Every child is loved and cared for by Christian caretakers.


Sustaining Care

Every child deserves a quality education. We've partnered with Haitian educators to to build a preschool, primary school, secondary school, and a vocational school. Our schools are accredited by the Haitian government and staffed by Haitian teachers. We award academic scholarships that enable students to attend local Haitian universities.


How It Works

We're One Big Family

Working with leaders and staff at each children's home, we've developed a strategy to ensure that every child is cared for. When you sponsor a child, 100% of that money goes to the children's homes and provides sustaining care for all of the children.

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Meet Our Kids

Browse the gallery and get to know our kids. They're each unique! 


Choose a Level of Sponsorship

The cost to fully sponsor a child is $200/month. We realize that you might not be able to give at that level, so we offer various smaller levels of sponsorship. We combine sponsorships until each child is fully sponsored. 

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Stay in Touch

A sponsorship is a relationship. We encourage you to keep that relationship alive by writing to your child as often as you'd like!